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Generic Viagra is the chemical equivalent of Pfizer-brand Viagra. Generic Viagra is indistinguishable from the original in every way—but cost. Chances are you’ve already discovered the advantages of generic medications. Paying for ED treatment out of your pocket quickly adds up, generic ED treatments make sense.

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How do I know Generic Viagra will work like Viagra?
If you’ve had success in the past with Viagra, Generic Viagra will work just as well for you. We guarantee it.

The formulation in our product is the molecular duplicate of Viagra. Using Sildenafil Citrate, we’re able to offer the same chemical composition you’re used to, at a price you aren’t yet used to!

You have nothing to lose, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed—that’s something the name-brand can’t offer. Shipping is free and your doctor consultation is included in the price. The only way to lose is not to order!

The same for less.

Included free with your order, your Generic Viagra prescription will be written by a Board Certified Doctor. ...

By limiting our promotional overhead, we’re able to offer Generic Viagra for 50% less than you are currently paying....

Generic Viagra will be shipped to US customers free of charge.

Generic Viagra
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